Spy Camera Pen

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Writes like a regular pen. See description below.

This spy camera pen with audio has a small DVR with a hidden camera for recording events. It also writes like a regular pen. You can charge it right from a USB port for a full two hours of recording on a single charge. It is perfect for watching a nanny or babysitter, private investigators, process servers, like our friends at Ask & C Investigative Services, or any one that needs a discreet way to record face to face interactions.

Spy Camera Pen Features

It’s a ball point pen with a video and audio recorder that features a very sensitive microphone with a range of 15ft. Comes with a USB male plug in the pen’s shaft for charging and transfer of the stored data. This spy camera pen has a 2GB storage capacity.

The image sensor is 1/6″ Color CMOS along with a resolution of 352 x 288. It has a 50 degree viewing angle.

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