Kubotan Keychain


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The Kubotan is available in Black, Blue, Red and Silver with a Pointed or Flat Tip. You can select your color and tip choice in the Checkout Box on the left of this page. All 8 choices can be selected..read more

The Kubotan keychain is an easy to access and effective self defense tool. It can be used for making a stronger fist, applying pressure to certain parts of an assailant’s body such as the wrists or fingers. It is 5 1/2″ inches long, and can be bought with either a flat or pointed tip.

Kubotan History

I am far from a history buff, so in short, the Kubotan became a hit about forty years ago in California. Back then it was brought to light by a guy named Takayuki Kubota. He made it famous with law enforcement officers. If you would like to know more, here is some additional info on the history of the Kubotan.

Kubotan Keychain Ease of Use

The Kubotan is the easiest self defense tool to use on the market today. With no prior self defense background you can have a tool in your hands that can end an assault in one strike.┬áThere isn’t really a place on the human body where even a soft blow doesn’t cause at least a small amount of pain.

And since it can be carried on your keychain, your attacker won’t know what hit him until it’s too late. And the Kubotan keychain is as covert as it gets. No more questions from people about why you are carrying pepper spray. Not very many people even know what it is when they see it.

Kubotan Keychain Legalities

Also, because of its small size and shape with no sharp edges, there is very little regulation from city or state authority in regards to it’s use or possession. This is because just about anything it’s size or shape can be used as one. And if your curious about how one of these works, here are a couple of pics of the Kubotan in action! Then add this product to your cart today!

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